Monday, January 7, 2008

Cash Flow Club Scam

A well known internet money making program called 'Passport To Wealth' or 'PTW', has recently released their latest edition, 'Cash Flow Club' also known as 'CFC'. For those not familiar with Passport To Wealth, this company is considered a big player in the online direct sales industry because they enabled average living people to create executive style incomes from the comfort of their homes.

CEO of Passport To Wealth/Cash Flow Club, Darren Gaudry, has made a big name for himself in the industry as a leader who never under delivers. So if Darren were to ever offer anything to the public, you can count on it that it's 100% legit and not a scam. Gaudry said that his new program Cash Flow Club is, "The most amazing thing we've put together". Many Cash Flow Club affiliates also claimed that Cash Flow Club will create the best web traffic generating system available on the internet and will also begin a huge internet marketing revolution. Regardless of all the hype, time will only be able to tell of this.

More so, the top income producer Jimmy Torres from competing business called 'Smart3Up' says, "Darren Gaudry has done alright for Passport To Wealth, however Cash Flow Club can't get near us". In addition, the Smart3Up top earner says, "The team support that I provide combined with the Smart3Up program renders Cash Flow Club and several other competitors obsolete... Our company's next generation marketing features along with our products and payout plan is superior to anything that Cash Flow Club has to offer... Besides the fact that Smart3Up has created the the most profitable pay plan, our program truly markets worldwide by enabling multilingual marketing -- Spanish, German, French, Chinese just to name a few". Noting the statements that Jimmy Torres has made, the majority of current Passport To Wealth and Cash Flow Club affiliates are determined to switch over to Smart3Up.

Additionally, Jimmy states, "My friends who happen to be the heavy hitters of Cash Flow Club and Passport To Wealth have personally spoken with me and signed up under me in Smart3Up as full paid members... Their entire downlines have already started to switch over as well to get their great share of the pie". As a fair business person, Jimmy did mention the following, "Darren is a great owner, and has definitely done fine with Passport To Wealth, but when it boils down to competing with Smart3Up, it's evident that Smart3Up clearly dominates".

On the other hand, PTW and CFC affiliates were in agreement to a non disclosure contract about anything to do with Cash Flow Club during its setup phase. What was supposed to be tight lipped became leakage as several unloyal members have promoted the current website that's in its setup phase which can be seen here:

Some final words about CFC from Jimmy, "Cash Flow Club is in no way going to create a revolution in the internet marketing arena and does not serve as a threat to any other programs as some of their members claim. If there's any business that sets a revolution, it's definitely Smart3Up... As the 'smart' members of Passport To Wealth and Cash Flow Club have already joined my Smart3Up team, the rest who don't will be lacking success and wealth". Cash Flow Club is already up on some serious competition and does not seem ready to compete. What seemed to be full of hype with CFC, has already lost its excitement.

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